A battery holder is one or more compartments or chambers for holding a battery or batteries. In the case of dry cells the holder is also usually responsible for making electrical contact. In the case of wet cells normally cables make electrical connection to posts or terminals as commonly found on automobiles, emergency lighting, backup batteries. Battery holders developed in parallel with batteries over time and as battery package sizes shrunk so did the holders. Todayís battery holders are either a metal or plastic case with a shape molded in to accept batteries or a plastic holder with contacts.



c.1800ís. Patents were issued for consumer products like flashlights and radios, patent no. 617,592 is dated March 1898 for an early metal flashlight that accepted D batteries.


1898 Flashlight patent


1899 Flashlight with battery holder

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c.1900, Some early battery holders were no more

then a cardboard box with copper contacts.


Early 1900 radio with battery holder

Example, a used can becomes a battery holder.



c.1920's. Battery holders used twin metal clips like fuse holders to hold the battery. Patent no. 1,439,429 was granted Dec 12 1922 for an assembly with two spring arm clips, a small switch and lamp assembly on the end of wires.


1922 Battery holder with spring arms

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c. 1950ís. With the introduction of Polypropylene and the first miniature batteries by Eveready the first big changes took place. Watches, toys, decorations, hearing aids and flashlights all changed in size and usage.




1953 Flashlight Patent

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1959 Flashlight Patent

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c.1957. Electric wrist watches arrived on the scene and

quickly gained popularity with the public.


1959 Watch Patent

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c.1980's. The first circuit board mounted lithium battery (coin cells) holders appeared. Lithium battery holders were introduced in Dec 1984 under patent no 4,487,820. ††††††††††††††Still widely in use today in almost all personal computers, servers, telecommunications circuit boards.


Lithium coin cell battery holder on PCB.

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1984 lithium battery holder patent


Lithium coin cell battery holder


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c. 1985 PCB with lithium holder and battery.

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c.1980ís Typical PCB mounting coin cell battery holders.

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c. 2008 PCB battery holders are now surface mounting.

Lithium surface mounting coin cell battery holders

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